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Hi, I am Karen Cakmak (Karen)

Hi, I am Karen Cakmak Welcome to my profile. If you are looking at the profiles on the LMC page then perhaps you are seeking some support in general practice or within your PCN. There are some great supporters with loads of knowledge and expertise available to speak to, so I'm sure you will find the right one for you or your specific query. I have been working in practice management since 2011, having previously worked in the legal sector. After many years working with law firms I felt that I needed a new challenge and found myself in the medical world. It was very different but just as enjoyable and very busy! I have been a PM in my current role in Harlow since 2016. Over the years I have worked in several practices in locations across Essex and London, mainly medium to large sized, with a varying number of GP partners. As you will know yourself, every day is different and we can't always predict what will land on our desk. In one practice in London I even had a visit from a Police SWAT team as a patient had locked herself in the toilet with a knife! Thankfully most days are not that dramatic. I have some areas where I believe I have good knowledge and have gained experience but I won't say I'm an expert! We are all learning every day especially with all the changes in the NHS! A few years ago I was given the opportunity to complete a degree programme in Healthcare Leadership with the NHS Leadership Academy and University of Birmingham which I did while working full time. I really loved every minute of it - it was so interesting and it has given me insight and strategies into areas that otherwise I wouldn't have had. My passion is supporting staff with their professional development, resilience and confidence. We do a difficult often thankless job and it is important to remember how valuable we are to our practices and organisations. I'm a great believer in talking through issues and listening to problems or challenges and finding solutions from within. Most of us know the answers (that's why we're in the job) but sometimes we are so bogged down with the detail it's hard to separate the wood from the trees. Practice Management can be a lonely place and often we just need a bit of time to step back and consider. Being in that position between Partners and staff means frequently there are not many people to go to for a sense check or just how to perform specific tasks. This scheme gives managers the chance to be able to discuss issues confidentially and if we don't know the answer we can always point you in the right direction. If you do have a query on something you're not sure about or would just like to talk to someone, I would be pleased to try to help. I look forward to hearing from you. With best wishes Karen
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